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The Haut Val-Durance is the upper part of the Durance valley, extending around the town of Briançon (stated as the highest town of Europe, at an elevation of 1300 meters), from Guillestre at south until Lautatet, Montgenèvre and L’Échelle passes at north.
Although its elevation is rather high, the Haut Val-Durance benefits from a very sunny climate (with a bit of mediterranean exageration, it is said to have sunshine 300 days a year), relatively dry when staying in the bottom of the valleys. Therefore, despite its important ski resorts (Serre-Chevalier, Montgenèvre, Puy-Saint-Vincent) its crags until 2000 m elevation remain climbable from April to November, sometimes year round when winter snow forgets to fall. Thus, rock climbing has become an important component of sport tourism together with ski and alpinism. The upper Durance valley does not exhibit important and famous crags such as Buoux or the Verdon, but not less than fifty climbing sites (nearly exhaustive list in the Guide des Sites Naturels d’Escalade , each of them offering dozens of routes from 20 to 400 meters. Some of them are “sport sites” with reliable equipment due to the FFME Département Committee of Hautes-Alpes, others are “terrains d’aventure”in remarkable landscapes such as the Cerces massif.


  • Le Cala; 5 routes van 5+ tot 6c
  • Barachin; 26 routes van 5+ tot 7c – Hoogte 25 met.
  • Le Pouit; 66 routes van 5a tot 7c+ – Hoogte 40-100 met.
    Located 4 km SSW of La Roche-de-Rame, 1 km SSE of Champcella, the limestone crag of Le Pouit faces south-west at an elevation of 1300 m. 66 routes, 40-100 m, 5a-7c.
  • Le Ponteil; 49 routes van 5b tot 6b – Hoogte 120-150 met.
    Located 4 km SSW of La Roche-de-Rame, 1 km SW of Champcella, Ponteil crag is oriented south-east at an approximate elevation of 1500 m. Made of dolomitic limestone if exhibits 26 routes, 120-150 m, 5b-6b, in which only 15 are correctly equipped.


Omdat deze wanden zo dichtbij zijn, zijn de klimwanden « La Grande Falaise » en « Bloc et Dalles magiques » noemenswaardig.

  • La Grande Falaise; ± 150 routes van 5 tot 8b – Hoogte 25-200 met.
    Important and complex limestone wall above the village of Freissinière, 4 km west of La Roche-de-Rame (in the Durance valley). Approximately 150 routes of 2-3 pitches, with a maximum height of 200 m, 5a-8b, equipped. Elevation 1500-1700 m but facing south. Thus it can be climbed from March to November.
  • Bloc et Dalles magiques; 10 routes van 3 tot 7b geringe hoogtes 
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